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How it works:

1. Touch any word to translate it

Simply touch words or phrases to instantly translate them.

2. Practice these words with flashcards

All the words you translate can be made into flashcards, you can revise them in the Practice section, whenever you want.

Read and "Learn a language while you learn!"

Learn a language by reading whatever you like! Discover new topics and learn a language while you learn.

If you touch a word it is instantly translated and shown along with Similar Cards from your Vocabulary Cards that you have already created.

If a Vocabulary Card doesn't exist simply use our creation tool to add it.

Duovocal provides a fun and effective language learning solution. Leveraging the immense knowledge base of Wikipedia to help you learn a language. Combine this with instant translation and our unique Flashcard approach and you will be fluent in no time.

If you are just starting out, then Short Stories provides stories appropriate for all reading levels.

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"Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge"

Knowledge Feed

Provides simple shortcuts to discover new content and new words.

Random Article

Discover new topics by reading a random Wikipedia Article.

Learn New Flashcards

Review your Vocabulary Cards, prioritising cards which you have not yet encounterd.

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Revise Flashcards

Revise your Vocabulary Cards, focusing on cards which you have encountered further consolidating your knowledge.

Public Decks

Practice flashcard decks that are made by others.


Don't lose your place simply resume reading.

"Our unique approach to Vocabulary Flashcards."

Our approach is unique and delivers extraordinary results. We believe the status quo of language learning is inefficient and that plain translational repetition simply doesn't cut it.

Rarely a word is precisely equivalent between multiple languages, this is why our method allows you to revise words with their definitions (Just as a native speaker, who would look up the meaning of a word.).

When needed you can translate the individual words within these definitions to assist your overall understanding. Not only does this provide you with a fundamental grasp of the word and how it can be used, but also leads to exponential opportunities to encounter and then re-encounter additional words and thus broadening your learning.

Vocabulary acquisition; in the course of foreign-language learning is an important context in which a learner must acquire and retain many items indefinitely in memory. This context is therefore, well suited to spaced-repetition through Flashcards. Our App applies this concept through our Spaced-Repetition Algorithm so that you can retain new words indefinitely in memory.

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Keep Track of What You Already Know


Search to see if you have previously encountered a word.


Add a card to priority review.


View definitions and examples that you have created.

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Add more details, make corrections to your cards.


Remove the card from your vocabulary deck.


See how many times you have reviewed the card and current "Knowledge Level".

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Read Short Stories

Learn a language, enrich your vocabulary, and familiarize yourself with grammatical structures just as a native learner would... by reading.

Select your level from 1 (Beginner) to 4 (More Advanced) and immerse yourself in your new language.

Each story features visually appealing illustrations to keep you engaged.

If you touch a word it is instantly translated and shown along with Similar Cards from your Vocabulary Cards that you have already created.

If a Vocabulary Card doesn't exist simply use our creation tool to add it.

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"We Understand You!"

Learning Languages Supported




More to come...

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Your Language

Words can be translated into...









and many more...

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Card bearing information on both sides, which is intended to be used as an aid in memorisation.

Vocabulary Card

A flashcard containing the word/word forms, translation, definition, examples. Is then reviewed as a unit, displaying the word for the front of the flashcard and translation or definitions (depending on review mode) and examples.

Similar Cards

Cards where the word matches or potentially matches the word clicked or searched.


A collection of related flashcards, usually corresponding to a theme.

Public Decks

Deck of flashcards that is available to everyone.